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Video Made Easy

Knowing how to shoot a video no guarantee of business success. That's because creating a video and building a thriving business requires totally different skills and expertise.

The key to sustainable growth and profit has always been marketing competence coupled with great business skills.

Join our community of small business owners who are learning new skills, making better business decisions, applying new tools and improving their results.

Featured Resources
16 Calls To Action and End Tags in HD!16 Calls To Action and End Tags in HD!
Use these 16 CTAs in your videos to get folks signing up, subscribing, commenting and whatever else you want them to do! . . . keep reading

Interview: Andrew Lock
An interview with Maverick Business Entrepreneur Andrew Lock of If you have a business - you need to hear this interview with Andrew Lock. Andrew is the host of Help My Business . . . keep reading

Tutorial: Ultimate Greenscreen/Chroma Key How-To
This is a comprehensive tutorial for chroma keying and greenscreen work. I will be adding to it as new tools and techniques are made available. . . . keep reading

Unlimited Chroma Key Backgrounds in 3DUnlimited Chroma Key Backgrounds in 3D
Check out this easy to use free tool for creating unlimited realistic backgrounds for your chroma key and green screen projects. No longer will you search for the perfect video background - You'll cre . . . keep reading

Sony WCS-999 vs. RØDE VideoMic
In this video shootout I take a look at two low-cost mic solutions. The Sony wireless Lav does well but the RØDE shotgun mic holds it's own. . . . keep reading

The Ultimate Lighting HackThe Ultimate Lighting Hack
Steve Washer
"Quick. I need to look great!" This is all about how you can get fabulous lighting on anyone, including yourself, in one minute in a space as small as 6 foot square. The time and energy it . . . keep reading

How to Choose the Right Music For Your VideosHow to Choose the Right Music For Your Videos
Given all the amazing tools and technologies at your disposal, have you ever wondered why you maybe haven't had more success with video marketing? Are you ready to find out now? . . . keep reading

Viral Video Primer - 2 Case Studies
Steven Washer
Steven Washer dissects in great detail two viral video campaigns. Both campaigns have unique ideas that are fun and innovative. Both get . . . keep reading

Same Day Edits and Unique Video Distribution for Added ValueSame Day Edits and Unique Video Distribution for Added Value
Offering Same Day Edits (SDEs for short) to your clients can bring extra value to your productions. Read on for an amazing distribution plan that takes the SDE idea to the next level. Add HUGE value t . . . keep reading

E+mc² The video formula for perfect camera coverage.E+mc² The video formula for perfect camera coverage.
It doesn't take an Einstein to realize that you need a variety of shoots in your video production. This dead simple formula will help you capture all the angles you need to keep you out of trouble and . . . keep reading

Viral Video Primer - 2 Case Studies
Steven Washer
Steven Washer dissects in great detail two viral video campaigns. Both campaigns have unique ideas that are fun and innovative. Both get . . . keep reading
Interview: Video Pro - James Wedmore
Interview: Video Pro - James Wedmore James Wedmore is an amazing Video Maker and uses a LOT of video in his products and product sales pages. What I love about James is he is always creating. . . . keep reading
5 Tips for Better Video
These 5 tips will help you have better video each and every time. . . . keep reading
Online Video Platform Providers for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses.
There are many video hosting and delivery platforms for end users but the choices for brandable, enterprise level platforms are limited. This chart shows the top options and their pricing structur . . . keep reading
Interview: Craig Ballantyne - Turbulence Training
Interview: Craig Ballantyne - Turbulence Training Craig Ballantyne has really embraced video on his fitness site. Listen in as Craig chats with Perry about how he is leveraging video. . . . keep reading
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