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Product Development Flow Chart

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Is there a product development flow chart? Can product development be boiled down into easy steps? This article looks at one approach.

The following flow chart is a simplistic look at the steps needed for launching a product via the Internet. Each box has had dozens of books written about that particular aspect of the process.

If you'll notice, product development actually is quite small compared to the rest of the Internet marketing picture. Do not make the mistake of developing a product that no one is interested in. Testing is a huge component of any successful launch.

Any "How-To" video producer should first evaluate if the niche (audience) is reachable. Then you must determine if there is interest in what you want to deliver.

A simple web site or "squeeze page" can help you identify if:
A) You can drive traffic to the site
B) You can "convert" the traffic

I'll explore each of these steps in further articles.

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